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About Us

While our focus has always been in financial services and payments, our clients have “taken” us into other industries and market segments. For example,


  • Our work helping a global mega-church organization select and implement a cloud based enterprise wide resource management system morphed into creating cybersecurity policies, information security policies and procedures, PCI compliance, and revamping the help desk and support operations.
  • An executive at one of our long-time clients asked us to help them start an HMO for dogs and cats. You see the world differently when your end user has four legs and either barks or meows.  

Those experiences outside financial services and many others we have had, gives us a perspective that lets us look at client problems differently and provide more creative thought processes and solutions.
We provide outstanding service to our clients. Whether it is sending a senior consultant to Guam on short notice to help fix a serious problem or having our India partner work around the clock to help a Client complete a “drop-dead” conversion, we do whatever it takes to make our Clients successful. That is why we made “services” part of our name.
Relationships are the foundation of our success. Projects and engagements may end but we operate under the philosophy that “Once a Paragon Client, always a Paragon Client”. The Trusted Partner relationships we have with our Clients encourages them to call on us at any time and for any reason.
The relationships and professionalism we foster with our team empowers them to serve our Clients in the most effective and efficient ways possible.  


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